Sustainable Agriculture


Jatropha curcas is a valuable non-edible multi purpose crop which grows on barren land, easy to propagate, has very little water requirements, grows relatively quickly, and reduces soil degradation. It is commonly used as a boundary marker in Cameroon. Oil from Jatropha seeds can be used as fuel (bio-fuel) to replace petro-diesel. By-products from Jatropha processing can be used to manufacture soap and produce bio-fertilizer. Soya bean oil and palm oil may also be used for the production of bio-fuel but are in very high demand for human consumption. Their production results in deforestation. Jatropha is hence preferred to these products for the production of bio-fuel as it can also be grown in association with other farm crops. It is potentially an effective tool for economic empowerment, social upliftment, environmental protection and poverty reduction within marginalized communities.

GEO is a private limited company with Headquaters in Kumbo subsidiary companies in Germany, who has established an extensive network of community partnership with local farmers, NGOs, community-based organizations, women’s groups and other stakeholders, as an integral part of its project. GEO shall amongst other things buy back the Jatropha nuts from network partners for processing and develop sustainable marketing systems for Jatropha based products in the Northwest province and beyond, create market opportunities and improve market linkages for optimum profits. CENDEP aims to promote the cultivation of Jatropha curcas by local farmers for local bio-fuel and fertilizer production, enabling them to take advantage of this innovation and, for the emerging markets in the North.

Working in collaboration with partners and knowledge holders such as GEO , University of Dschang-Cameroon, other NGOs and Jatropha farmers, CENDEP intends to carry out the following activities:

  • Baseline farming systems surveys.
  • Sensitization and community mobilization.
  • Pilot Jatropha cultivation and transformation for income generation, production of organic fertilizers, bio-fuel and other by products.
  • Marketing of Jatropha nuts and by-products.
  • Elaboration and dissemination of lessons learn.