Our Team

Wirsiy Eric F. (M&E Officer)

Graduated from the Dschang University Centre, Cameroon, in 1990 with a Bsc in agriculture. He worked with the Ministry of Agriculture as subject matter specialist in charge of vegetable and food crops and later joined Limbe Botanic Garden (LBG) as Agricultural Extension Officer. He currently volunteers part time as M&E officer for CENDEP. He has developed, sourced funding for and managed several projects both for LBG and CENDEP in the fields of natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

Bakia Mary Moulobe (Gender and Development Officer)

Bakia Mary holds a MA in Gender and development studies and a P.G certificate in the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises obtained from the Interuniversity Institute of Training and Development (IITD) in Brussels, Belgium.

She joined CENDEP in 2018 as a Lobby & Advocacy coordinator to   facilitate the implementation of   Analog forestry workshops as well as Lobby & Advocacy (L&A) workshops in (5) African countries namely Uganda, Ghana, Benin, Togo, as well as Cameroon on local, national and global environmental   problems.   Mary contributes in strengthening and unifying the capabilities of women and grassroots groups to lobby and advocate with and for women to claim their rights to water, food security and a clean, healthy and safe environment.

Mary’s ultimate goal is to advocate for women’s voices and leadership to be heard thereby influencing the environmental community, including the environmental justice movement, and have women’s participation, experience, knowledge, priorities and ideas valued in policy and decision-making spaces related to the environment.

Mbeng Helen Ankungha (Bee keeping Officer)

Was trained as beekeeper by the Apiculture and Nature Conservation Organization in 1996, after which she joined bee keepers in her native Boyo division in North West Region of Cameroon. As beekeeper she established an apiary she has been running till date. Since 2002 she has worked with the marketing departments of Beekeeping Development and Conservation Organization, RDA and Forest House in Limbe. From 2012 she started working part time as beekeeping advisor for CENDEP, in charge of organizing and training rural women on bee farming.

Tatah Blaise (Community Development Officer)

Is a Holder of a B.Sc. in Economics and a post graduate diploma in curriculum studies. He joined CENDEP in 2012 and works with farmer communities, forest management committees, graziers and vulnerable groups to identify their problems, propose concrete solutions, elaborate and implements programs for sustainable livelihoods. As community development officer Tata has a passion for strengthening and assisting groups in the value chain development process.

Ngu Jeanine Lum Kokoh (Loans Advisor)

Is a holder of a B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology. She works as loans advisor, ensuring that rural women have access to finances through revolving funds. Revolving funds are funds established with local women groups. Income or repayments are used to finance its continuing operations from year to year. She guides the local women groups, advising CENDEP management on how to better assist women groups most of whom are not lettered. On a continuous basis she offers training on areas of the group’s book keeping requiring improvement.

Kemkia Christian Danernyuy (Agricultural Development Officer)

Is a holder of a Bsc in Geography, an Msc degree in Integrated Rural Development and Agricultural Extension and a pending PhD in Integrated Rural Development and Agricultural Extension . He serves as Agricultural Development worker and has been working as a community facilitator for CENDEP since 2011 and has played an active role in CENDEP’s field projects.

Periementah Kutchoteh Ndzefemmegho (Forest and Nature Conservation Officer)

Holds an MSc in Forest Ecology & Silviculture from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He joined CENDEP in 2008 and was one of the key actors responsible for CENDEP’s successful introduction of analog forestry in the North West Region of Cameroon. Periementah contributes to CENDEP by providing technical assistance to clients seeking sustainable forestry techniques, proposing strategies for CENDEP’s extension initiatives, and liaising with the government and other non-State institutions on forestry-related issues. Periementah currently combines his academic and professional skills in helping vulnerable groups at the grassroots in Cameroon and several African countries through local partners in advocating in favor of women for land rights, clean, safe and healthy environments through the nexus of using analog forestry techniques for sustainable land management and community well being. Periementah’s ultimate goal is to “ become an advocate for the protection of forested landscapes as well as improving the livelihoods of forest dwelling communities”.

Ngong Gloria Shalanyuy (Finance Officer)

Is a holder of CAPIEM. ie Teachers Grad One Certificate. She graduated from the Teacher Training College Mundemba in July 2000. She joined CENDEP in June 2006 to manage the funds of the organization. Though she was not trained in that field she started learning by doing. In June 2008 one of CENDEP’s sponsors ICCO saw the need for her to be trained so as to manage their funds successfully. To that effect ICCO sponsored her one week training in Financial Management in nongovernmental organization in Abuja-Nigeria organized by www.mango.org.

Dinka Yefon (Project Management Volunteer)

Dinka Yefon is an MBA student in Project Management from the University of Buea and a holder of a  BSc certificate in Management obtained from the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) in Cameroon. She has been volunteering with CENDEP since 2013 with main tasks such as participation in the design, implementation and monitoring of field activities carried out by CENDEP. Her work in CENDEP is an example of a win-win relationship whereby as a student entrepreneur she participates in projects that enable her to improve on her skills thus preparing her to easily integrate herself in the modern day world. She bring into CENDEP varied experiences from her initiatives and studies. She aspires to make a career as the  project management world

Ebombe Bertha

Studied in catholic School Bonadikombo where she obtained her First School Leaving Certificate. Prior to joining CENDEP, she has been a farmer and petty trader. She is one of the founding members of the organization and now works as the Nursery Attendant/farm manager.

Youndjie Koleoko Gahriel

Is holder of CAPI (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle Industrielle). He worked with CICAM as a filter and maintenance mechanic from 1976-1977 and with ELF SEREPCA Cameroon as a platform and maintenance mechanic from 1978 to 1990 when he resigned to start farming. He has been serving as contact farmer for the Ministry of Agriculture. He is one of the founding members and also delegate (Director) of CENDEP.

Ngah Presly Bongnjo

Graduated from the University of Buea with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and a Diploma in Chemical Process Technology. He has been a petty trader before joining CENDEP in October 2007 as a volunteer. He is currently undergoing training in house in view of joining CENDEP’s grass field area team.